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BeBe Butta’fly


photo_64454_20111113- BeBe Butta’fly is here to say – Welcome – that you are never alone, and a part of a community and loved. Inside or outside the closet you deserve a community, a family, love and happiness.. Everyday we are lesbians and we are lesbians everyday/ all day. Coming out of the closet at 12 , 21, 32, 45 or 65 is not easy.. “Everyday Lesbian” should provide you an opportunity to breath, exhale, relate and rejoice in a loving family of women who are just like you. Me – BeBe Butterfly lived in a dark cocoon determined to please her parents and marry a man!!! I fought and fought against myself… Now I am living with a women who I have fallen in love with and who has been gay since she was 19 years old!! I have been out and about for about a year……Please come along and join us as we just begin to create this communnity of women.

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  1. Betty Jean Staton
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    great website keep going

  2. That Lesbian Teacher
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    Thank you so much for featuring my post! I love your site!

    • admin
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      Dear Everyday (That Lesbian) Teacher – You are very welcome! We love your blog site as well. We will continue to follow you and hope that you will do the same for us. Don

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